ART/CGI 222 Web design 2
Professor Terry Towery

ART/CGI 221 Drop it now if you haven't taken 221. You should have basic html skills and knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.

This is an advanced web design course focussing mostly on Macromedia's Flash. It picks up where 221 left off and includes a little bit of Dreamweaver. We will discuss issues that concern creating effective web sites. We will also discuss effective techniques for animation and design.

Visual Quickstart Guide, Flash for Windows & Macintosh by Katherine Ulrich. Peachpit Press
Strongly Recommended Book: The Non-Designer's Design Book by Robin Williams. Peachpit Press; ISBN: 1566091594

Materials needed:

Zip disk, Formatted for macintosh (if you have a PC at home with Flash on it I recommend you also have a separate PC formatted zip disk)


Grading: You must submit everything you have done in this course at the end of the term.
I want to see evidence on the server that you have worked every week.
You must do the reading and assignments in this class to pass. I will not check the homework every week but I will check it periodically to be sure you are keeping up.
35% of your grade will be based on the midterm web site due the 8th week of class.

45% of your grade will be based on the final web site due the last week of class.
10% will be based on the homework and assigned readings
10% will be based on class participation, especially in critiques and design discussions.

Helpful Resources online:
Flash tutorial from Virtual FX
(there is a free 30 day trial version available on the site. Time it wisely so that it doesn't expire right at the end of the term when you need it most...) is a great resource for almost anything web related.

Week 1
Session 1



Course Calendar

Intro to course
Discuss course objectives and supplies needed. Review basics of internet.

Find an interesting flash based site and send me the URL. Be sure to put ART/CGI 222 in the subject line.

Get the textbook

Week 2
Session 1

session 2


Review Dreamweaver. Including tables, frames, Plug-ins

Server accounts set up. Review FTP.

Begin thinking about and working on your midterm site NOW.

Week 3
Session 1

session 2


Using Illustrator
Vector vs bitmap. The Illustrator interface. Bezier curves.

More Illustrator. Exporting Illustrator files to Flash.

Create a logo in Illustrator based on a letterform

Create an interface in Illustrator

Week 4
Session 1

session 2


Advanced Photoshop
Review Photoshop.

optimizing file sizes in Photoshop. Gif vs. Jpeg vs.png... More Photoshop.

Scan at least three of your own images

Create the smallest file possible from the scans

Week 5
Session 1

session 2


Creating a Design Document
The four (I)s of new media design. Information, Interface, interaction, Identity. Planning your site- Design Documnet, Information design, five w's, navigation structure, Usability including download time,

Design Relationships, Elements and Principles - Principles: Unity Variety emphasis balance rhythm Elements: line shape color value texture space Relationships: harmony contrast proportion direction motion scale space

Read the sections on Design and information architecture in webmonkey

Midterm Design Document due next Monday!!!

Week 6
Session 1

session 2


Making things in Flash Using the interactive help in Flash.
The flash interface: toolbar, timeline, stage,
Creating simple objects. selecting objects.
Drawing tools and modifiers. Stroke and fill. Using the VTC training disks.

Chapter 1 & 2 in textbook

Flash Interactive help Lessons 1 & 2
Intro & Drawing

Week 7
Session 1

session 2


Modifying things.
previewing your work. Symbols. Button states.

lab session for Midterm crit

Chapter 3 in book

symbols lesson 3
Chapter 6 in textbook

Week 8
Session 1

session 2

Midterm Critique
Site must be on server and working by the beginning of class

Continue Crit


Week 9
Session 1

session 2


layers in Flash

Frame by frame animation


Chapter 8 in textbook

Week 10
Session 1

session 2


motion tweening

Shape tweening

Chapter 9 in textbook

Chapter 10 in textbook

Week 11
Session 1

session 2


Putting it all together
Publishing options
Chapter 16 in textbook

Week 12
Session 1

session 2


Making it interactive
Using behaviors

Frame based behaviors

Chapter 15 in textbook

Week 13
Session 1



Sound and video


Chapter 14 in textbook

Week 14
Session 1

session 2


lab session
Open lab

open lab

Come prepared to work and ask questions

Week 15
Session 1

session 2


All work must be up on the server by the beginning of class. no excuses!!!