ART/CGI 221 Syllabus Fall 2000
Introduction to Web Design

Professor Terry Towery

This course is designed to provide the student with the fundamental concepts necessary for designing for the internet. We will start with a thorough understanding of the origins and underpinnings of the net and then move on to actually using the net for research and finally to creating sites. We will cover image and graphic generation techniques, construction of web sites using html and graphical web page tools, design considerations and the conceptual underpinnings of the impact of this new media.

Evaluation criteria.
You are responsible for all material presented in class, including announcements about course procedures. Exams, quizzes, and homework often include questions on material presented only in class, so performance on these indirectly reflects attendance.
-- 45% of your grade will be based on the final web site produced.This is your final exam. It must be functional and well designed. Start early! You will be graded on both creativity and technical ability. The subject is pretty much up to you with the exception of racist or pornographic content. You must use your own art!
-- 25% of your grade will be based on the personal web site produced for the midterm.
-- 20% of your grade is the written quizzes given randomly.
-- 10% of your grade is based on class participation and Critique participation.

What you need to buy
1 Iomega or compatible Zip Disk (possibly 2)
1 Ream of laser printer paper

Week 1: Course Introdcution
History of the Internet, review of syllabus and course outline


Assignment Due Next Week: send me your e-mail address. Be sure to put ART/CGI 221 in the subject line.

Week 2: Intro to the Macintosh/Beginning HTML
create a basic page and a directory for the semester


Due Next Week: a working web page on the server

Week 3: Introduction to Photoshop
Reading: — lesson 1

Due Next Week: Create 5 sketches in your sketchbook — develop 1 in photoshop as a finished image.

Week 4: Adding Color
Reading: — lesson 2

Due Next Week: Create a color wheel in your sketchbook using collage. In your sketchbook, develop three sketches using different color schemes and ideas. Add one color to your letter image in photoshop.

Week 5: Scanning
Reading: — lesson 4 &5

Due Next Week: Scan 3 images and create one image in photoshop

Week 6: Text and Image
Reading: — lesson 3

Due Next Week: Using the collage you have created in photoshop, add text to recontextualize the image.

Week 7: Review/Open Lab

Week 8: Mid-Term Critique

Week 9: Introduction to Tables
Reading: - all four articles

Due Next Week: create 4 different tables, one each using linking, color, images, colspan/rowspan.

Week 10: Intoduction to Annimation

Due Next Week: Create three different annimations

Week 11: Design Concepts and Web Design Theory

Due Next Week: Using Collage create a detailed concept mockup of your idea for your final project. You should add this to your sketchbook and use it as you develop your website.

Week 12: Intorduction to Dreamweaver

Due Next Week: produce 3 image maps and 3 rollovers

Week 13: Introduction to frames

Due Next Week: create a page using 2 frames and one using 3 frames. In these examples, experiment with color, borders, and resizing.

Week 14: Open Lab

Week 15: Final Critique