Quality of digital imagery

Begin the assignment by making three scans of the same 35 mm image on the nikon slide scanner at its defuault settings. One low (72ppi 1.31 mb) resolution , one medium150 ppi 5.67 mb) and one high (300 ppi 22.7 mb) resolution version of the same file all at 8x11 inches. If necessary, retouch the dust and scratches and make the SAME (use an adjustment layer) color adjustments to all the files. Save these and then convert a second version of each to cmyk in photoshop using SWOP Coated color settings

You should now have six versions.

Using the 300 ppi cmyk version, create a second version and apply the Unsharp mask filter at a setting of amount of 150%, a radius of 1.7 and a threshold of 1.

These are the files you should end up printing
1. 72ppi rgb 1.31 mb
2. 150 ppi rgb 5.67 mb
3. 300 ppi rgb 22.7 mb
4. 72-ppi cmyk 1.75
5. 150 ppi cmyk 7.56 mb
6. 300 ppi cmyk 30.3 mb
7. 300 ppi cmyk unsharp mask 30.3 mb

Now, using the same epson printer or the color laser printer, print all 7 of the above files on the same kind of paper. Analyse these images and be prepared to discuss the differences in class. Is there a discernible difference between them? does the color on the print match the color on the screen? How long did each file take to print? How is the color of each version? The sharpness? What else did oyu notice...