Exploring Digital Multimedia for CDROM and the Web
Professor: Terry Towery (terryt@lehman.cuny.edu)
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Prerequisites: Macintosh and Adobe Photoshop skills
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This course is designed to give you a fundamental working knowledge of the tools available for producing multimedia projects in the digital realm. You will become proficient with the tools necessary to successfully complete a multimedia project. Current uses of this material can be found in: business presentations, interactive CDROMs, educational titles, commercial consumer titles and the fine art world. The advent of the World Wide Web and CDROM will continue to have a profound effect on the way that artists disseminate their images. Hands on assignments will be given to familiarize you with the tools necessary to create a multimedia presentation. Since the technology is changing so rapidly, the course will be flexible in its content and structure. Since much of the classroom time will consist of demonstrations and lectures, I will expect the student to spend time outside of class preparing their projects and doing research. However, there will be many class periods when I will have lab times on certain class days so students should come prepared to work to all classes. Failure to do so may be considered an absence from class.

Materials required:

Grading policy:


week 1 Course goals set out. Introductory lecture. Demonstration of existing multimedia titles. A working definition of multimedia First assignment:DUE AS MIDTERM Create a halloween animation
week 2 Introduction to Macromedia’s Director. Preparing files for your projects. Planning projects. Storyboards and platform considerations. Submit a design document/proposal for your midterm next class.
week 3 Photoshop and ImageReady for multimedia.Pallettes (CLUTs) introduced. Resolution considerations, bit depth discussed, gamma. Continue with Director. Animation. Create your own elements for animation
week 4 Adding interactivity. Continue with Director. Shockwave discussed. Make an online interactive widget. Send me the URL!
week 5 SoundEdit 16 introduced. Stupid sound tricks. Using audio in director. Continue with Director. Add sounds to your halloween project
week 6 Adobe Premiere introduced. Video editing concepts. Edit together provided clips into short video
week 7 Using video in director. Continue with Director  
week 8 MIDTERM CRITIQUE - ASSIGNMENT DUE AT BEGINNING OF CLASS! Submit proposals for final project
week 9 Continue with Director.  
week 10 Lingo TBA
week 11 More Lingo TBA
week 12 More Lingo  
week 13 Oral Presentations TBA
week 14 Final considerations e.g.; packaging, compression, and delivery.