Find books/artwork of a photographer who's work you particularly admire and who's work relates either by subject matter or style to what you'd like to accomplish with your own images.

Plan a 10-15 minute oral presentation for the class to familiarize us with this photographer's work. Show examples of their work that you feel most strongly about, (positive or negative), discuss why their work is important to you, its importance in general, how it relates to your work, what they try to accomplish. Tell something of the influences on their work, how they fit into styles of photography and other arts of their time. In general, discuss all aspects of their work and the meaning it holds for you. Contemporary or historical figures are both acceptable although living artists are preferred.

Remember, this book project is 10% of your final grade. You'll be graded on your preparation, your knowledge of the subject, your organizational skills, and the quality of your presentation. Keep in mind that periodicals are available as resources as well as books. Ask me if you need help finding what you need in the library. I may also have books that could be useful to you. The reference librarians will also be glad to provide any help you might need in the library.