The caricature is a classic example of illustration. Invented by Honore Daumier during the French revolution as a way of ridiculing the nobility and the ruling class, it has survived to this day in newspapers and on the street. We are going to take this classic into the digital realm. A good caricature chooses at least one element of the person that is allegorical or metaphorical and tells us something about that person, often sairically.

Start with a close up head shot of yourself. It should barely go beyond your shoulders and should be exposed well. A plain background color of opposing tones to your hair and skin will make it easier to select.

Using the selection tools begin by selecting the features that you plan to exaggerate. Be sure to use a festher in the slection tool. The higher the resolution of the scan the grater the feaher amount you should use. Save these selectins to channels. Duplicate the base layer and begin floating off those elements that you are exaggerating into new layers.

Use the distort filter, transform commands, Liquify and the retouching tools to create your caricature. It should appear realistic and seamless...

Optional - Choose a news-worthy figure and create a political cartoon. Politicians are always fair game. Look at political cartoons for inspiration.