Materials needed for this course:

35 mm manually controllable camera in working order with internal or external meter that works

10-15 rolls of 36 exposure T-Max 100 and 400
10-15 negative sleeves (I like the 5 across in 7 rows style)
3 ring notebook for Negatives - I recommend the box style to prevent dust
at least 100 sheets of black and white multigrade photo paper Photo Paper (DO NOT OPEN IN REGULAR LIGHT!!!) We will discuss types and the diffferences. I recommend Ilford MG.
*Variable contrast filters
18% gray card
3 ring notebook binder. I recommend the kind that seal and are available in photo stores
Sharpie style marker
1 bottle opener or film cassette opener
neutral spotone and 000 brush
*Photographic thermometer
*Tank and reels (plastic is easier metal is better)
Tmax developer at least one quart of concentrate
* Stop bath - Indicator smallest bottle you can find
Rapid Fix - for one quart
Hypo Clear - Liquid concentrate
4 brown quart stopper bottles
Black photo tape
Hand towel - I recommend the clip on variety eg a golf towel
Dust remover of some variety eg Squeeze bulb, CLEAN makeup brush, Antistatic cloth, canned air eg dust off etc...
Large manila envelopes or similar to submit asssignments in

* starred items may be shared

suggested extra supplies:
Red filter for the lens
photographic toners
paint or Marshall's oil colors
Quart graduated cylinder
film cleaner

Please be aware that Fixer stains your clothes. Please wear older clothes or an apron to the lab sessions or a rubber/plastic apron may be appropriate. Fixer also weakens fingernails significantly. You may wish to wear rubber gloves or a chemical barrier cream.

Contact lenses should not be worn in the darkroom, you should have glasses for lab sessions.