Art 733 and 451 Advanced Imaging

Textbook: The Photography Reader
Liz Wells Editor ISBN 0-415-24661-X
Recommended Readings
Art 21
Course Objectives:  The student should become proficient in a range of digital imaging techniques both still and moving. The student should also become aware of the important theoretical concerns artists are grappling with in the 21st century.  
Course Description:  We will concentrate on a range of imaging techniques both still and moving. We will also attempt to address many of the theoretical concerns in contemporary photography.  

 oral presentation - 5%
Narrative assignment - 15%
3d Assignment - 15%
Video assignment - 20%
Final Portfolio - 25%
Class participation - 20%

Attendance is mandatory. After three absences you will be dropped from the class. Do not be late. If you are late three times, it will constitute one absence.
Materials:  DVD+R
Zip discs as needed
Recommended: external firewire hard drive of minimum 30 gigs
Topic - Practical
Weekly reading - Theoretical
Week 1

 The Imaging Chain

 Using the digital cameras

Assignment - Shoot at least 20 images with the digital camera. See next week's assignment for details.

register for PhotoPlusExpo at the javits center

Originality and other modernist myths -
Ch 3 Walter Benjamin The Work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction  and
The Originality of the Avant-Garde and other modernist myths
Week 2  The IApps ITunes through IDvd
assignment - Digital Narrative or non narrative sequences

 The Paradoxes of Digital Photography Manovich Ch. 23

Look at Duane Michals work in class. Discuss Ken Burns style documentaries.
Week 3 Advanced Photoshop and ImageReady including: Alpha channels and layer masks, Web gallery, Gif v Jpeg generation, Patterns, generating textures,  The Precession of Simulacra Jean Baudrillard.
Week 4  Using the Imacon, nikon and flatbed scanners and the Film recorder  The society of the spectacle Guy Debord
Week 5 Critique of narrative assignment
3d assignment given
Week 6  Lighting for digital photography  
Week 7 Image Transfers - Inkjet tranfers, Polaroid and Lazertran  
Week 8  Stereopticon, Anaglyph and Lenticular, QTVR  
Week 9  Using the DV cameras
Assignment - Shot log of favorite TV show
 Look at early Wegman videos in class.
How camcorders work
Week 10  FCP and AfterEffects  Video Identity project
Week 11  Creating moving Titles ALpha channels in Photoshop for titles  
Week 12  Oral Presentations given in class  
Week 13  Professional development - Getting exhibitions and  
Week 14    
Week 15  Final Critique  

Artists that use video
Paul pfeiffer and at Art 21
Nam Jun Paik
matthew barney
shirin neshat
gary hill
tony oursler
Vito Acconci
Bill Viola
pipilotti rist

recommended books:
The Digital Printing Handbook - A photographer's guide to creative Inkjet Techniques by Tim Daly. ISBN 190253817X Amphoto Books an imprint of Watson Guptill publications
Mastering Digital PRinting by Harald Johnson ISBN 1-929685-65-3 Musk & Lipman publishers

Digital truth