Narrative and non narrative sequences

- at least 20 NEW jpegs, shot with a digital camera, burned onto a CDrom
- at least 2 different 2 minute movies from the same images burned onto a CDrom

- you must utilize audio and experiment with the Ken Burns effect as well as all the transitions. and effects available in IMovie.

Using the medium or high quality setting on the digital camera, fill a card with images. Edit as you shoot and only keep the good ones. Remember you are constructing a group of images that will flow together into a sequence so the images should be visually or conceptually related. There must be at least 20 images. Consider storyboarding the sequence first. Bring a friend or classmate to act for you or release the shutter for you.

Using IPhoto or the application of your choice download the images from the camera and immediately burn a cdrom of the raw images.

After collecting your images in IPhoto, switch to Imovie and click on the Photos button in the bottom right corner. Add motion using the Ken Burns effect, transitions Titles and effects to create a 2 minute movie.

Add music from Itunes, add titles transitions and effects

Export this video sequence to quicktime for CDROM playback and save it.

DO ANOTHER ONE! Using the same images, do it differently! It should be completely different, consider using different audio, re-sequncing the images, speed it up or slow it down,

Burn these 2 movies onto a CDrom and TEST IT on a different machine!!!

The narrative: In a narrative you should be conscious of the passage of time that is suggested by the series of images. Perhaps, use friends as actors and do a sequence of photographs that tell a story. Narratives are not always inclusive of people; perhaps extend the still life tradition into narrative. Remember, the story is only as effective as the way you tell it.

Non-narrative sequences: These are groups of images, related conceptually or visually, that do not tell a story. Think of visual poetry or music.

Humor - self portrait - create an alternate identity - Documentary - time based -

consider using text and its relationship to the images you make. What happens between the images. How does audio effect the experience of the imagery? How long can you look at a still image on the screen without it getting boring?

Artists to consider:
Ken Burns
Duane Michals
Nan Goldin
Nkki S. Lee
Men in the city
Gregory Crewdson -