The Third Dimension

The objective of this assignment is to add the all elusive third dimension to images. Often times imagemakers are frustrated with the lack of surface or tactile qualtiy of the medium they work in. This is an opportunity to explore addding dimension to your imagery.

At least 4 objects that somehow integrate the third dimension.

There are a variety of possible approaches to this assignment including, but not limited to;

Anaglyphs - (red/blue, Polarized or other)
Stereopticon - The original Virtual reality
Relief - Mixed media on the surface of images
Photo-Scuplture - Let your imagination run wild... Remember fome core and gator board
Installation - Projectors, sensors, sound, light, smell, touch...
Performance Art
Time based - motion, decay, film, video,
Virtual Reality

Try to think like an artist and not a photographer. The goal of this assignment is to produce something that is interesting from many angles of view. What happens on the other side of the image...

Anaglyph stereo links: