MFA in Design and Technology links of Interest is a good resource for all kinds of art related topics. Art and science collaborations inc. is a good resource

The SenseBus project by Interaccess recently put together a very interesting thematic links page. It includes some very interesting links...
"This document expands on the main themes of the SenseBus Project with writing by the participants and links to relevant texts found on the web. Links to art and robotics and general robotics aswell as a number of technical resources can be found on the main ARG links page. Be sure to check out the ARGlist where you can take part in the debates of the ARG via the web page or email." has some very interesting example of interface design.

Critical art ensemble from my old alma mater, FSU, is a must read.

Simon Penny of Carnegie Mellon has some intersting robotic installation ideas.

Ctheory is must read. As is Leonardo from MIT press.

My research into physical computing is on my site. The site also has some Director tips and a web design tutorial.

A few Shocked sites worth noting:

Fabrica The Italian design firm notorious for its Benneton Colors camapigns
Futurefarmers Has an interesting retro moderne look to the design snd uses interactivity very well.
Volumeone Has some really cool animations and interactivity
the remedi project
Atlas Magazine