ART/CGI 221 Web Design I
Professor Terry Towery

This course is designed to provide the student with the fundamental concepts necessary for designing for the internet. We will start with a thorough understanding of the origins and underpinnings of the net and then move on to actually using the net for research and finally to creating sites. We will cover image and graphic generation techniques, construction of web sites using html and graphical web page tools, design considerations and the conceptual underpinnings of the impact of this new media.

Evaluation criteria
You are responsible for all material presented in class, including announcements about course procedures. Exams, quizzes, and homework often include questions on material presented only in class, so performance on these indirectly reflects attendance.
-- 45% of your grade will be based on the final web site produced.This is your final exam. It must be functional and well designed. Start early! You will be graded on both creativity and technical ability. The subject is pretty much up to you with the exception of racist or pornographic content. You must use your own art and text!
-- 25% of your grade will be based on the personal web site produced for the midterm.
-- 20% of your grade is the written assignments.
-- 10% of your grade is based on class participation and Critique participation.

Writing assignments:

Design Proposal due in three weeks (Feb 19th). The topic of the site is up to you but must be approved by the instructor before you begin work on the site. No sexist racist or sites that appeal to the prurient interest are allowed. The design proposal for your midterm site should include ALL of the text that you are planning on including in your site. It should outline the structure and form that the site will take. Think of this as your blueprint for your site. Such decisions as color scheme. typography, navigation etc.. should be thoroughly discussed. Visual examples are encouraged. Photography, graphics and text must all be ORIGINAL, no scanning out of books or magazines is allowed in this class. There is no exact template for a design proposal, however it should be clear from the proposal what the site will look like and do for the user.
suggested reading
webmonkey design specifically foundations of web design but other areas are relevant as well.

Compare and contrast 2 CUNY college web sites. Choose two CUNY colleges from the, index of colleges choose two colleges' web sites to compare and contrast.
Requirements of the paper are:
The paper should be 750 words in length. It should be typewritten and a draft of the paper is due
Topics to be discussed include such design issues as Color, typography, navigational structure, Consistency. Is the site Intuitive, Visually appealing, informationally rich, does it fully function.
Specifics of the site to discuss include such topics as the logo, the amount and quality of the text.

What you need to buy
1 Iomega or compatible Zip Disk (possibly 2)

you should get the Visual Quickstart for html by Peachpit Press

Strongly recommended book
Creating Killer Web Sites By David Siegel Hayden Books ISBN # 1-56830-289-4


Week 1 The Basics of the Internet.
Intro session. Discuss the course and the materials needed.
Homework: Read the section on html Completely. read the Webmonkey html section and read the history of html
Introduction to html Web site structure and directory structure

Week 2 Introduction to basic html and BBEdit.
Homework: Read the Webmonkey Html basics (linked above) section.
Site Optimization
Continue reading your html tutorial.

Week 3 Adobe Photoshop
Intro to Adobe Photoshop
Homework: The photoshop crash Course
Photoshop continued
Homework: Listen to the VTC online training section on introduction to Photoshop 5

Week 4 More Photoshop
Photoshop continued, Scanning, resolution bit depth and file size
Homework Scan an image for next class (use your own art at all times in this class!!!)
File formats Gif vs Jpeg
Create a photomontage or collage.

Week 5 Photoshop Continued
Photoshop Continued

Week 6 March 5 first draft of paper due

What's wrong with it? Debugging and troubleshooting

Week 7 FTP and Basics of UNIX
Uplaoding your Web site
Open lab session for uploading web sites

Week 8 Midterm Critique and final draft of comapre and contrast paper due
Midterm Critique Your personal page is due at the beginning of class!!
Homework Read the section on tables

Week 9 Intemediate html
Intemediate html tables in Tables
Intemediate photoshop imagemaps.
Homework: Read the section on Imagemaps

Week 10 Theory
Theory Day- Your Privacy and the government¼s interest Where do they differ and coincide Decentralization of power due to the internet. If the people can vote on every issue, would they? Should the government have the ability to tap your e-mail? Cyberporn, political outsiders, Alternative thought and freedom of expression. The Hacker, Myth or reality and Cyber Punk the Genre - Discuss Gibson¼s Neuromancer and related articles about real hackers. Discuss cyberpunks.

Week 11 Design Considerations
foundations of web design
elements of web design

Week 12 Optimizing your code
Session 1 Lean and mean html
Session 2 Optimizing your code continued

Week 13
Intro to Dreamweaver
Homework Read: Walkthrough of Dreamweaver

Week 14 Adding some Jazz
Creating animated Gifs with Gif Builder
Open lab session for creating animations

Week 15