Pixel to Cyerspace
Thursdays 9-2:40
55 west 13th room 403
Terry Towery

This course will focus on the multiple image and the moving image. We will discuss a number of strategies for setting images to motion and adding sound and interactivity. We will discuss a varitety strategies for delivery and distribution of your projects. Narrative and non narrative imagery will be explored. Althought we will often focus on specific technologies in the classroom the objective of the course is to create interesting projects.

Textbook: Director Demystified
I strongly suggest the Visual Quickstart guide to Flash as well.
Grading policy:
- You are expected to attend all clases. If you miss more than three sessions you will not pass this class
- IF you don't understand a concept BE SURE TO SPEAK UP IN CLASS
- PUT your work on line every week

- There are two major assignments:
Midterm collaborative fairy tale = 25%
Final interactive portfolio = 30% The Final portfolio should showcase ALL of your digital work to date. It can be online or on CDROM. I want a copy of this for my own records and to show to future students

- There will be a number of small in class assignments = 25%

- There will be an oral presentation = 10%

- Class and critique participation = 10%

Online Resourses for Director

Online resources for Flash

Online resources for Design



Session 1


Discussion of four Is of new media design: Interactivity, Interface, Identity, Information.

What is Interactivity?
Review Directory structure and Dreamweaver

Assignment Create a table based page that has each week listed to show your progress through the term

Be sure your password is still active Read Interactivity

Session 2

Flash animation techniques
Illustrator and flash

Break into small groups of 2-4 students to create the Fairy tale project. Delegate tasks to each member of the team. This project is a collaborative project so you need to meet at least once a week outside of class time.

Assignment - Choose a Grimm's fairy tale to use Flash to tell a narrative. Prepare a design document, including a story board, describing your project.

Session 3

Flash Interface design - Links and buttons

Critique storyboards in small groups.

Assignment Create an interface for your site
Session 4 Soundedit - adding sound to your projects Assignment digitize audio appropriate for your project. This should include a voice over and sound efects
Session 5 Open Lab Assignment Use this time to integrate your project together
Session 6 Digital video Premiere, IMovie or Final Cut Pro Assignment Create a 2-3 minute digital viseo based on still imagery
Session 7 more Digital video Assignment Tell me who your Digital Artist for your Oral Presentation is research your artist.
Session 8 Midterm crit Assignment Create an interactive portfolio. It should utilize video and audio and be more interactive than just point and click Due as Final
Session 9 Director - overview of multimedia titles discussion of hybrid cdroms ad integrating flash into director Assignment TBA
Session 10 Director - behaviors Assignment TBA
Session 11 Director Game theory OOPs gamasutra.com Assignment TBA
Session 12 Oral Presentations on a Digital artist Assignment TBA
Session 13 Burning a CDROM and create all the packaging Assignment TBA
Session 14 Final Crit Interactive portfolio due at beginning of class
The Final portfolio should showcase ALL of your digital work to date. It can be online or on CDROM. I want a copy of this for my own records and to show to future students.