director links  

Macromedia Director Support
this site has links to a plethora of info on Director including an online support forum

Lingo dictionary
download pdf of MX lingo dictionary form Macromedia

EXCELLENT resources from Australia
from Dean Utian
excellent examples and a good community, not as overwhelming as Maricopa

Director Web Maricopa
The oldest and simply the best. Here you can access lots of Director information and the direct-l listserv, be careful though your mailbox will fill up immediately.

An elegant example of a web browser redesign using net lingo and Macromedia Director.

dot syntax

object oriented programming
free online book from LOOPE (Lingo Object Oriented Programming environment)

How to cook 3d in director and shockwave ideas
From Che Tamahori Simple elegant 3d navigation system

Using me as a parameter

Game Design.

Game design book list
Great list of books and job opportunities

Gamasutra You will need to register to use gamasutra, its free.
excellent general game design site from their archive is Creating a great game design document

Barry Swan's 3D engine
A lingo only 3d first person shoot-em-up game engine


Great Xtras for a variety of input and output capabilitie, most have free trial versions.

List of Xtras from Maricopa