Web Design II

Prerequisite ART/CGI 221

This is a collaborative course designed to group students into small design "teams" mimicking the real world. We will produce web sites for selected nonprofit organizations and school departments. We will work with real world clients to help the student understand the limitations put on designers everyday. This course is designed to provide the student with the intermeduiate to advanced concepts necessary for designing for the internet. We will cover image and graphic generation techniques, construction of web sites using html and graphical web page tools, design considerations and the conceptual underpinnings of the impact of this new media.

Evaluation criteria.
You are responsible for all material presented in class, including announcements about course procedures. Exams, quizzes, and homework often include questions on material presented only in class, so performance on these indirectly reflects attendance.
-- 45% of your grade will be based on the final web site produced.This is your final exam. It must be functional and well designed. Start early! You will be graded on both creativity and technical ability. This will be a small group project so choose your team early.
-- 25% of your grade will be based on the web site produced for the midterm.
-- 20% of your grade is the written quizzes given randomly.
-- 10% of your grade is based on class participation and Critique participation.

What you need to buy
1 Iomega or compatible Zip Disk (possibly 2)
1 Ream of laser printer paper

Textbook Visual Quickstart Guide Flash 4 for Windows and Macintosh by Katherine Ulrich Peachpit Press

Recommended Text Creating Killer Web Sites By David Siegel Hayden Books ISBN # 1-56830-289-4
I have created a supplement to your textbook online. You simply read the sections online that I have linked to or print them out and read them offline. You will need the ream of paper for this purpose.


Week 1 Intro session Discuss the course and the materials needed.
Review of HTML and the history of html Web site structure and directory structure
Homework: Read the section on html Completely. read theKnow the code, html for beginners section of's basics or the Webmonkey html section
revirew HTML
Assignment: Acuqire an email address and send me your email address. Put your name and the course number in the Subject line

Week 2 Review Adobe Photoshop
Homework: Review The photoshop crash Course and listen to the section on introduction to Photoshop 5 from the VTC online training.
New Material Site Optimization & Lean and mean html
Assignment: Design a web page in BBEdit

Week 3 Introduction to Dreamweaver
Intemediate html. Frames and Tables
Read: Walkthrough of Dreamweaver
and look at the introduction to Dreamweaver section of the VTC online training.

Week 4 Intermediate Photoshop Scanning Photoshop 5 what's new. Creating animated Gifs with Gifbuilder
resolution, bit depth, file size and File formats (Gif vs Jpeg)
Read the section on Imagemaps
Intemediate photoshop imagemaps.
Homework: Design at least three banner ads.(use your own art at all times in this class!!!)

Week 5 Design Considerations Hotwired's Webmonkey has a whole section devoted to Design.
Homework: read foundations of web design and elements of web design and web page design for designers

Week 6 The Four Is
Designing new media requires not only understanding digital tools but also mastering the four "I's":
Information design (Squishy's crash course in information architecture)
Identity design,
Interaction design and
Interface design

Week 7 Troubleshooting Desk Crits
Session 1What's wrong with it? Debugging and troubleshooting

Week 8 Midterm Critique
Session 1Midterm Critique Your personal page is due at the beginning of class!!

Week 9 Redesign an exisitng site
anatomy of a redesign

Week 10 Theory
Theory Day- Your Privacy and the governmentıs interest Where do they differ and coincide Decentralization of power due to the internet. If the people can vote on every issue, would they? Should the government have the ability to tap your e-mail? Cyberporn, political outsiders, Alternative thought and freedom of expression. The Hacker, Myth or reality and Cyber Punk the Genre - Discuss Gibsonıs Neuromancer and related articles about real hackers. Discuss cyberpunks.

Week 11 Adding some Jazz Flash Introduction

Week 12 More Flash

Week 13 More Flash

Week 14 Open Lab


Resources Online:
VTC online training tips are excellent tuorials