Photo objects, mixed media or destroying our images

The requirements for the assignment are:

-- At least 72 exposures on a contact sheet

-- At least 6 objects

The objective of this assignment is to stretch the boundaries of photography and explore the possibilities of combining photography with other media. If you have felt restrained by photography, now is the time to break free. If you are interested in doing any darkroom manipulation, now is the time to do it. If you want to combine photography with another medium you work in, then do so. You should come up with vague ideas about what you want to do and then allow for in-process discovery as you work. The materials you work with will give you possible avenues to follow.

Remember the following, they are meant as suggestions and are not requirements:

-- Photograms can be combined with enlargements

-- You can print through positive prints to yield negative prints

-- Solarization, multiple printing, negative sandwiches

-- Fome-core is good to make constructions with (available at all art supply stores)

-- Scratching on the negative yields black lines; scratching on the print yields white lines

-- Cliche verre (can be combined with enlargements)

-- Double exposure (try many of these and don't expect anything - you may be pleasantly surprised). Remember to underexpose each 1/2 of the double exposure to build up the required density on the negative.

-- oil paint sticks to matte paper better than glossy paper

-- Image transfers from Xerox

Polaroid processes
Double exposure
Negative and slide sandwiches
Scratching on film
Overexposure with diffusion
Flash and Jiggle
Uelsmann's multiple printing techniques
Cross processing On Hotwired or A simple how to and how to simulate it digitally
Filtration on camera (eg Cokin), on lights (eg gelling the lights)
Alt processes - Cyano, Platinum etc...
Toning - Copper, Sepia, silver

Remember Pasteur's dictum: "Chance favors the prepared mind." I expect you to put a lot of energy and effort into this assignment. There are no limitations. Presentation is very important. All prints should be 8" x 10" unless there are aesthetic considerations that change this.