Process and Technique of Terry Towery

The images begin as traditional photographs.

They are then digitized and edited in the computer to allow control over all the inherent photographic qualities of the imagery.

They are then output on a large digital plotter using the most stable inks available and archivally mounted onto canvas or plywood using PVA glue.

The images are then treated with polyurethane or shellac to protect the surface of the print from the encaustic, oils and mixed media I utilize.

I then utilize thinned oil paints, oil sticks, pure dry pigments, acrylics, charcoal, iron and other mixed media on the surface to give them a surface quality that is difficult to discern in the slides.

The images vary in size from 9" x 13" up to 40" x 60"

The technique stems from a frustration with the purely digital creative process. The lack of physical interaction with the pieces prompted this extension of the creative process back into the more traditional painterly process. The combination of traditional painting techniques and digital processes is liberating and exhilarating. You might say they are Post-Photographic.